As a Lady behind the Camera

Photo by friend: Ivan Wong

Having being behind a camera for four years as a career, was rather fruitful to me even though it wasn’t an easy path. Why? We all know that this industry are usually dominated by men. But in recent years, we are actually seeing more ladies holding the camera.


Majority of the ladies are usually photographers. Whereas for me, I’m pretty much of a hybrid I guess. I love photography as much as videography. Not only that, I edit too. Especially during weddings, the first thing that people always say when they saw me would be, “it’s very uncommon to see a lady as a videographer.”


Yup, you are definitely right. Again, why? Actual Day wedding usually comes with SDE (Same Day Express). I have to prepare more equipment to bring over. Such as laptop, workstation stuff, backup camera, tripods, audio recording equipment and all to save travelling time. I’m always full of “barangs” on the run. And yes, it’s heavy.


We know that having a man getting close to your gal is kinda uncomfortable. Assistants are usually lady but not all the time. Having a lady to adjust your gal would probably the best choice~


I work solo-ly most of the time due to smaller scaled projects and as it’s COVID period, some would prefer smaller team. So as a female photographer / videographer / editor, I am probably the one that you are looking for 🤣



P.S. I really thank many people for being so supportive of me all these while. Always having the first thought of me in mind whenever it comes to photography, videography, editing, graphic designing or even doing websites. I truly appreciate all of you. Thank you guys!

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