How would my life be like, if… | Part 1


As we age, majority of us would probably question ourselves about any and every thing. I feel that, that is actually part and parcel of our life. It’s not that we are doing badly now that we are thinking what if we didn’t do this so and so or that we did so and so in the past, would I be better or worst now?


I’m not a person who fancy planning ahead for my own life. It also doesn’t mean that I have zero planning for my future, but most of the time I leave it to the flow. Why? 計劃趕不上變化 (“Plans fall behind changes”). Of course it’s not an “always thing“. Even if I had a plan, with constant changes all around, you have to turn another way. Be flexible about things.  It’s like how many of us wouldn’t have thought that this (current career) would turn out to be our career. However, it might not be the finalised career 😂. Honestly, I have never thought that I would be holding a camera for a living now.


How would my life be like, if…

I didn’t played computer games during my childhood (Primary School Days)?

I would say that I had the privilege 20 years back of having a computer and internet at home. WHO KNEW that neopets actually made me grew interest in designing and web coding (simple HTML coding). For those younger generations, you probably wouldn’t know about this online game. My first ever interaction with designing and coding journey actually started when I was 11 years old. You can actually decorate your shop with graphics and make it shine. A pity that I couldn’t remember all my credentials for the game. The website is still there after all these years. Perhaps you would wanna try playing it. I still love it loads.



My designing and coding journey didn’t stop there. During my era, blogging was a hit. Almost everyone was blogging. And yup, my coding journey continued. I designed blogskins. Slightly upgraded my coding skillset from there too. My minor animation skills (.gif) came into the picture during this era. As we have those gif style button to link people up.

F.Y.I. I am not a coding person. LOL. My knowledge stopped with HTML and CSS. So I can only do static websites.


People of my age are mostly married with kids and the kids would probably be always gaming either on phone, tablet, or computer. You never know what games can do to someone. Like for my case, guess what? Despite studying in Gaming Course, my first job was actually a Web Designer. Surpriseeeeee~ Who knew that playing game would have gotten me a job.


How would my life be like, if…

I actually studied (Secondary School Days)?


I questioned myself, why didn’t my mum sent me for tuitions? She probably knew that I wasn’t really a academic person, so she didn’t really “force” me to study. I’m more of a graphical person. I can’t really read books with thousands of wordings. I loved picture story books, I loved cartoons and I loved animations. Even up to today, I still enjoyed watching animation movies and anime. Would I be better if she forced me to study in the past? Probably not. All these while, she has been supporting my decisions regardless of what I do and I am really grateful for it. Of course, never abuse this kind of privilege if you ever have it. Anyhow, I didn’t do well for my O-Level, thus, choices for Polytechnic Courses isn’t really there.


How would my life be like, if…

I went to a Art School?


As much as I loved hands on and artsy stuff, fear of losing to much potential people out there lingers around me till now. I really wondered if I would be better than now in terms of my “eyes” for things. It’s probably one of my biggest regret during study days. But who knows what really would have happened if I went to be an Art Student. Meh, I ended up taking Higher Nitec in Game Design & Development.



Don’t mistaken me for being a gamer, I’m not a gamer. the most “hiong” game that I ever played was Ragnarok Online (RO). And I stopped gaming after quitting RO as I knew that once I start a game, I couldn’t stop and will play like an addict. Then why am I in a Gaming Course? As mentioned previously, I didn’t have much choices and I wanted designing course. And the closest to it was Game Design and Development hahahaz.


And oh please people, stop the thinking of ITE is the end. It isn’t the end. Coming from an ITE background, I do have a lot of classmates that did fairly well for their O’s. It’s probably just a subject or two that actually made that crucial part (like English or Math) to be marked as “ineligible” for Polytechnics or even JCs. Again, who knew that going ITE was one of my proudest achievement in academical wise. I actually managed to graduate with CGPA of 4.0 and was a silver medalist. 👏🏻 👏🏻



Again, after my two years of ITE, I headed to Temasek Polytechnic for Diploma in Games Entertainment & Technology. Oh gawd.. best part was, I knew the course was programming oriented but I still went there. And.. of course, I didn’t do well LOL 😂 . On the other hand, I did excel in all the designing modules. In life, you do make decisions that may not be in favor to yourself. But most importantly is grabbing the opportunity that is ahead of you. And I shall pause here first and continue on the next post!

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