Shopee Pets Quiz Answers for Questions on Singapore


Recently I have been playing Shopee Pets! And there’s this quiz section whereby you have to answer 10/10 to get all the prizes! So folks, I’ve compiled all the questions that I have encountered here! Not sure how long do they change their quiz once, but for this round, it’s on Singapore as our National Day is near!


If there are any questions that isn’t over here, feel free to comment and let me know the question and answer! Some questions don’t require any thinking if you are a Singaporean. But if you’re not, you probably wouldn’t know xD


Last updated on 5th August 2021


If you are looking for Quiz answers from 21st August 2021, click here!! It’s about the Tastes of Singapore!



Singapore Flag Questions 🇸🇬

How many crescent moon(s) is on our national flag?



How many star(s) is on our national flag?

5 ⭐️


What does the red colour on our national flag represent?

Universal Brotherhood & Equality of Man


What colour is in the Singapore flag?

Red & white



National Day Related Questions

Which of these is one of our National Day song?

The Place We Belong (2007) by Taufik Batisah


Who sang the NDP song ‘Home’?

Kit Chan


Where has the National Parade been held before?

Marina Bay Floating Platform


When do Singaporeans get to watch NDP rehearsal for free with their classmates?

Primary 5



Singlish Questions

What does “sian” mean?

Bored, or fed up


What does “chope” mean?



Singapore Money Note

Which money note in Singapore is orange in colour?



Image adapted from: Picclick


Which of the following currency note is green in colour?



Which of the following is featured on the back of the $5 note?

Tembusu Tree


Image adapted from: Picclick


The entire lyrics of the National Anthem can be found on the back of which currency note?



Image adapted from: Picclick


Who is the person printed on our money notes?

Yusof bin Ishak


Singapore Questions

How old is Singapore this year (2021)?

56 (we gained independence in 9 August 1965)


What colour is our Singapore passport?



What is the dialing code for Singapore?



Which of the following is Singapore Changi Airport’s IATA code?



How many official languages are there in Singapore?



Which of the following are not part of the 4 national taps of Singapore?

Filtrated Water from the Singapore River 💧


Singapore has a robust and diversified supply of water known as the “___ National Taps”.

Four 💧


How many NEWater plants are there in Singapore?

5 💧


As of 2019, how much do Singaporeans have to pay to enter its casinos?



What is Singapore’s National Flower?

Hybrid Orchid


Who is the official mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement?

Singa the Lion


The Merlion is a mythical creature that is:

Half lion, half fish


How many Olympic gold medal(s) does Singapore have??

1 (as at 2020)



Singapore Places Questions

Which is the capital of Singapore?



To visit Batam and Bintan Islands from Singapore, a visitor needs to board at…

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal ⛴


What is the highest point in Singapore?

Bukit Timah 🏔


Where is the tallest natural point in Singapore?

Bukit Timah Hill 🏔


Which is the tallest building in Singapore?

Guoco Tower (284m)
Although height limit is 280m, restriction may be relaxed for selected buildings in the Marina Bay district


What is the height of the Singapore Flyer?



When did the Singapore Night Safari begin its operations?



Where can Singapore’s last known Kampong be found?



One in 10 people living in ____ Singapore, is under the age of four.



Which is Singapore’s international airport?

Singapore Changi Airport ✈️


Where in Singapore can you find the tallest indoor waterfall?

Jewel Changi


Which is the biggest mall in Singapore?

Vivo City


Which fruit does the architecture design of The Esplanade resembles?



How many islands does Singapore consists of?



What is the total land are of Singapore? (As of 2020)

728.3 square kilometers (728.6 as of 2021)


What colour is the Istana building?



What does the word ‘Istana’ stand for in Malay?




Foodies Questions

When President Obama visited Singapore in 2016, what local dish did he reference in his introductory remarks?



The Singapore Chili Crab dish ranked #35 in a 2011 CNN poll (World’s 50 Best Foods). Which other dish from Singapore made the list.

Hainanese Chicken Rice



Singapore History Questions

What does the name “Singapura”, the original name of Singapore mean in Sanskrit?

Lion City 🦁


What is the official national language of Singapore?



Which of these schools is the oldest girls’ school in Singapore?

St Margaret’s Secondary School


When was modern Singapore founded?



In which year did the first MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) line open to the public?

1987 🚆


Which is the oldest MRT station in Singapore?

Toa Payoh 🚆


In which year was the Esplanade officially opened to the public?



In which year was chewing gum banned in Singapore?



In which year did Singapore host the first-ever F1 night race?



What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Singapore?

19.4°C (apparently in 14 February 1989)



Law Related Questions

How old do males in Singapore enlist in the military?



Every male citizen and PR must serve NS upon turning __ years old?



What is the legal age to drive in Singapore?

18 🚗


In Singapore, the official retirement age is…



Which of these laws in Singapore is not real?

You must flush your toilet in your own home


Wat is the height restriction for buildings in Singapore?




“Political” Questions

How long is the term of Singapore’s president?

6 years


Who is Singapore’s current president?

Halimah Yacob


How many presidents have Singapore had since her independence in 1965?



Who was Singapore’s first Prime Minister?

Lee Kuan Yew


Who is Singapore’s current Prime Minister?

Lee Hsien Long


Who is Singapore’s current Education Minister?

Ong Ye Kung (is their answer but current as at 2021 is Chan Chun Sing)

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