How would my life be like, if… | Part 2


Ah hah! Finally back to this topic! Did you know that in the past, I didn’t even have the courage to use a DSLR? Back in the days of 2010, owning a DSLR wasn’t a norm.


My brother was the one who wanted one, and yeah, my mum bought it for him. Thus, the very first DSLR camera appeared in my life.  Here comes the question…


How would my life be like, if…

I didn’t touch the very first DSLR?


As mentioned earlier on, those days in 2010, owning a DSLR wasn’t a norm. Unlike these days, majority of the people owns a decent camera (phone cameras are incredibly good now too!). In fact, this post’s photos are all taken from my phone.  Anyway, I actually felt “paiseh” (embarrassed) to shoot with a DSLR. Sometimes I really feel that I have a weird brain.


Why? I have always had this impression that only those “pros” were worthy to use a DSLR to shoot. Whereas me, a newb, having zero knowledge isn’t worthy of shooting with a DSLR. But for now, I think cine cams are even scarier 🤣


F.Y.I. My first DSLR was Canon 500D. And before that, I was using a compact camera, Canon IXUS 130 (I loved it loads ya know ❣️) followed by Sony NEX-C3.


It started from this lil one!


Despite feeling unworthy of it, I actually threw that thinking away and embrace myself to take up the DSLR and started shooting. Ever since getting the engine started, I actually brought the camera out for almost every single event. Can’t believe I did that last time 😱 重い!(heavy sia!)


I even “jio-ed” (invited/called out) my buddies out very frequently just to shoot. When I look back at all those photos, I just wanna face palm until the back of my head. I will show some photos of my work next time 🤣 #丟臉 (throw face)


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Having said in the previous post that I am actually more of a graphical person, I definitely grew more interest in Photography. I can’t really say that I am really good with my camera now, but what I can say is that I am improving as time goes by. There’s always new things to learn as life is a never ending journey.


My gear evolves with time too. And guess what, I have been using Canon up till today. You can say that I’m stuck with Canon, or too lazy to change the whole system, or perhaps I still do love Canon more even though they do suck for always crippling functions.


#手機術 #takenwithiPhone11ProMax


Perhaps the next question from you peeps would probably be… “Why da hell are you keeping all the old ones? Why not sell it off?” I know I know… My main camera is now R5, while sub camera is 5D Mark IV.


Whereas my brother can only use 5D Mark IV (I forbid him to use my R5) as main and 70D as sub for his work stuff. So.. I’m technically left with 500D that’s untouched. Does anyone still wanna buy 500D? 😂 Let me know if there’s anyone who is keen alright.


How would my life be like, if…

I stayed at a Full-Time stable job?


Back to the story about my job history… I found a job as Jr. Web Designer upon graduating from Polytechnic. This job requires pretty much front end coding, where coding was never part of me (I am only capable of doing the minimal of a static websites). Thus, shifting over to focusing more on Media Graphic Designing (still touching on designing website as that’s what the company does).


Not long after, I still felt that I wasn’t someone who is able to stay inside an office for long, I decided to get out being employed and explore on other stuff. Fair enough, I told my Mum to give me a period of two years to explore.


I’ve tried doing some apparel business which I am still proud of it even though I left it on hiatus. BlaQlaz is the name that I’ve given it. Basically means Black Class, and my idea was to sell anything that’s “black and classy”.


If you happened to like any of the Ts, do let me know as I am still selling it! Click on the photo below to browse the catalog for interesting T-shirts! 👇🏻


Only this photo isn’t #手機術


Selling apparels did managed to break even with my costing, but I decided to give it a break first as it’s going a little too slow at that point of time. And tadaaaaaa, here comes the Videography part.


I didn’t thought that Videography will end up being my main job scope. People only knew me for Photography, but now, they come for the photos and videos! I have to really thank my friend Ashton for giving me the opportunity into exploring more of this area. He was the one that I followed during the early stage (I ran around with him as second Videographer during weddings).


Photo taken in 2019.


Again, who knew that getting into Videography actually gotten myself a job as a Video Editor. Two years of exploration was up and I’ve decided to give Full-Time another go as it came by (friend Desmond pulled me in to be his underling HAHAHA) and I wanted to fulfill my promise to my Mum.


I was in that company for a year + and I’ve decided to leave again. That, is probably the final time that I will be employed as I knew that I dislike being restrained at anywhere.


Being a freelancer / self-employed is never easy especially for the start and what’s worst? COVID-19 came by when I barely just started for a year. But it taught me how to scrimp and save even more as you wouldn’t know when is your next project coming. (my buddies know that I am well known for being super niao [“stingy”]). Am always fighting and I am really grateful for everyone who came by to seek for my “professional” services.


I may not be earning as much as what others are for my age, but I sincerely felt that my career journey was a fruitful one. At least, I do not have to drag my feet to work and I am happy doing what I love.


If I were to stay Full-Timed, I probably won’t be as happy as how I am today… Of course not forgetting that I am fortunate enough to do what I like as I didn’t have much responsibility to carry on my shoulders for now. I can’t say how heavy will it get in the future, but as for now, I’m glad I’ve used the time to explore different stuff way back when I was younger…


From being “paiseh” taking the first step to trying out as much things as I could. And that’s a good improvement in my life. I know many of you out there are struggling too, but hang on! Your time will come!

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